Earth Division:

The earth has undergone much damage over the years due to various human activities such as industrialization, deforestation and so on. Only very recently did people start realizing the results of these activities. This is primarily one of the main reasons we started increasing global awareness of the benefits of green living. As of present, the green living campaign hasn’t gone very far. In fact, in many countries, the concept of green living is literally unheard of. With that being said I’ma firm believer that we are one with our universe, and as we support nature it will start to support us.

Health Division:

Critical health also is a huge problem in many countries. Health conditions such as diabetes, sickle cell disease, cancers, Down syndrome, leprosy, HIV/AIDS, and others that require long term management are also common in most societies. The cost of managing these conditions is usually enormous, since the management is usually for a long term or even for the rest of the patient’s life. Our goal is to come to the rescue of people with these conditions. We started a non-profit that generates funds for the procurement of drugs and financing of other management procedures for such people.

Elderly Division:

In many places, elderly people usually don’t get enough care. Since they are no longer strong enough to get whatever they need themselves, they usually face very hard times in their old age. Our goal is to help improve the welfare of the elderly by facilitating centers and being aadvocate for awareness in the community.

Animal Division:

Many animals are on the brink of extinction. Our goal is to prevent certain animals from going into extinction by starting a non-profit that advocates for their protection and preservation. We also aim to encourage individuals to stop poaching these animals or species that are on the brink of extinction. Stress Management Courses: We live in a high stress world. According to the U.S. Department of Labour, the average American employed full-time isnow working 47 hours per week, as opposed to 42 hours per week in the 1970s. This fact, coupled with an increased workload and potential financial and family complications, makes it no wonder that the average person is suffering from stress-related healthproblems. Without question, our mission to start a business that assists people in learning how to cope with stress and how to avoid stressful situations is a business venture with an unlimited number of potential clients. The marketing of the stress management classes targets individuals seeking to reduce or eliminate stress from their daily lives.

Film Fundraising Division:

We host film festivals and have participants enter their own unique productions. A contest where attendees can have their fans or followers vote for their favorite films.

Homeless Division:

In conclusion, EOC LIFE nonprofit organization, also known as EOC LIFE public charities, are in business to get a job done, not to make money. Solving the problem is not just a matter of figuring out a way to provide greater access to affordable housing for the less well-off. Low and minimum wages not only are insufficient to keep pace not only with rising rentsbut also result in less money to spend on other daily necessities such as food, clothing and medical care. Those already struggling to keep up are in an even more precarious position when gentrification hits their neighborhoods. Our goal is to create more opportunities for those in need of housing and everyday necessities.

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