EOC University was birthed from a deep understanding of what we are all capable of as humans. Activating a lifestyle of positive vibrations that manifest into reality though is not always easy. Change ultimately only happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over, instead of craving control over what you don’t. For years the founder and CEO Michael Lindsey has been an unapologetic Humanitarian and community activist with over a decade of active service in community development. This approach and lifestyle towards humanity triggered and fueled his desire to know that we are not alone in the struggles of life, the Entire cosmos is with us. The overall consciousness of the world evolves through the way we internally face and overcome our challenges in everyday life.

Like every tiny piece of matter that exists, we are linked to one another by one driving force or energy source. This energy within defines what we are, who we become and what we experience. Understanding our position, power and authority determines several outcomes and also opens up different kinds of endless possibilities. We are linked to everything around us, this is what the Evolution of Consciousness is based on. It is the ongoing state of mind by which we are intertwined. As we are one with the universe, we also reflect what we believe of ourselves, our mental image of the truth is the key to unlocking our creativity and potential. EOC University was built on the premises of what that truth is, how to use that truth to your advantage, and how the true thoughts of your subconscious mind sculpts your reality. The universe does not punish or bless you it merely picks up on the frequency you are emitting. Raising your vibration will not only help you manifest your desires in the physical but create a wave of everlasting abundance. Be a reflection of what you want, if you want love give love, if you want respect then give respect, if you want honesty give honestly because whatever you give is what you get. Providing vibration raising apparel, merchandise, and enhancement tools for spiritual and personal growth such as literature, creative content, journals, and planners. Everything you need to achieve what is seemingly impossible is already deposited into your core being. Helping you to understand your inner power and using it to create your reality is our aim. It’s time to change the lenses in which we view the world. By refocusing our view inwards, taking responsibility for our universe will grant the access to explore the infinite power within. It’s time to DISCOVER OUR DIVINITY and evolve our consciousness as a whole. Being a firm believer in divine timing, if you’ve stumbled across this message now is the time!

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